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Each year the Trustees of the graduating class bestow three awards upon graduating students who have contributed significantly to the University and/or Charlottesville community – the Award for Community Service, the Award for Cultural Fluency, and this year, the Miss Kathy Award. The awards will be presented at Valedictory Exercises on Friday, May 18 at 3:00 p.m.

All members of the UVA community (faculty, staff, students, etc) are encouraged to nominate deserving fourth- or fifth-year students* for a Class Award. The deadline for submitting a nomination is Friday, March 2 at 11:59 p.m. Nominators will be entered into a raffle for priority seating at the Valedictory Exercises ceremony.

*Please note: Class of 2018 Trustees are not eligible to win a Class Award. 


Award for Community Service

Established in 1993, the Trustees’ Community Service Award honors a graduating student who has endeavored to enrich the University and Charlottesville communities through service during their tenure as a student. Nominees should exemplify the true ideal of service: a commitment to humanitarian goals with no expectation of material reward. Whether through initiating or planning a service project, or giving selflessly of his or her time and energy to a specific cause, this person has inspired others to participate in community service. It is suggested that the nominator discuss the type and significance of the service as well as how the impact will continue to be felt after the nominee graduates, the challenges or difficulties the nominee encountered in pursuit of his or her community service efforts, and how the nominee has inspired others to pursue community service.

To nominate someone for the Community Service Award, please complete this form

Award for Cultural Fluency

Established in 1996, the Trustees’ Cultural Fluency Award recognizes a graduating student who has demonstrated an understanding of and appreciation for cultural and intellectual diversity during their time at the University. Individuals nominated for this award should have gone beyond the realm of academics and their immediate community of peers to form alliances, both personal and intellectual, with members of different cultures within the University and Charlottesville communities. Nominees should demonstrate cultural fluency through the initiation of activities promoting the interconnectedness of culture and intellectual community, and a respect for a diversity of people and their ideas. It is suggested that the nominator discuss the manner in which the nominee exhibits an understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity that exists at the University and within the Charlottesville community, the opportunities the nominee has created for other individuals to learn about and come to appreciate the diversity of people and ideas, and instances in which the nominee overcame adversity in order to promote cultural fluency. 

To nominate someone for the Cultural Fluency Award, please complete this form

Miss Kathy Award

The Class of 2018 Trustees are excited to present the Miss Kathy Award. This award recognizes a graduating student who exudes inexhaustible kindness, infectious positivity, and a consistently good nature, just like our beloved Miss Kathy. This student inspires others through their demeanor and actions in multiple facets of university life. Just as Miss Kathy reminds everyone that they are superstars and inspires them to be go-getters, the recipient of this award recognizes the greatness in his or her peers and motivates them to strive to be the best versions of themselves.

We seek to acknowledge a student whose amazing qualities may go unrecognized, despite always being appreciated. Award nominees should be fourth-year students who have made a significant impact on their friends, acquaintances, and strangers, alike, through their kindness, positivity, and ability to encourage and inspire others. We ask for nominations that demonstrate one or more of the following: the nominee’s commitment to caring for others, consistently sound advice, motivational skills, or, again, their unfailing positivity. Overall, this award seeks to recognize a student who has made an indelible impact on those around them, as Miss Kathy has done for so many of us.

To nominate someone for the Miss Kathy Award, please complete this form.